Ultimate 40+ remarkably easy paleo snacks & meals



100% Meal-Prep Friendly
Imagine if you had aone go-to list of delicious, simple & healthy recipes for free…
…Recipes that you could cook once and eat all week long for lunch and dinner.
Discover some of paleo’s easiest recipes ever in our all-new 2017 cook book.
Autopilot Paleo™: The Meal Prep Cookbook
Finally, a list of recipes you’ll actually use! Pick & choose between some of our best batch recipes made specially for meal prep.
  • Anywhere, Anytime

    Travel-friendly recipes that pack easily into bowls or travel containers.

  • Batch Cooking

    Forget cooking every night, here are the recipes you need for the perfect meal prep.

  • Lunch, Dinner, and More…

    Get an all-inclusive list of delicious desserts, snacks, and even smoothies.

  • Low-carb Friendly

    Low-carb paleo snacks & desserts are hard to come by, find our favorites inside.

The #1 paleo cookbook for meal prep
100% Clean Paleo
Recipes are strict paleo with a focus on healthy fats, protein, and low-carb.
Portable Containers
Discover our most liked ready-to-go recipes for work or school.
Easy Batch Cooking
Cook over 40+ snacks, desserts, meals and smoothie recipes.
One of the only paleo cookbooks you’ll actually use week after week.
The perfect combination of 40+ simple, hand-picked meal prep recipes to help you stick to a meal plan in 2017 and change your life.
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The Autopilot Paleo™ Series overcomes three roadblocks you’ve experienced when trying to stick to paleo. No time for cooking, eating out at work or school, and no easy plan to follow.

Traditional cookbooks love to tout “15 minute recipes.” But even though they sound appealing, those never help. Having to get in the kitchen to prepare a meal can be difficult to do every night, even for just 10 – 15 minutes.

Inside you’ll find delicious snacks, desserts, lunch and dinner recipes that are simple, plus, they last all week long.

An automated & effortless diet for athletes.
Combining paleo with automation & efficiency.
For the first time ever we’re giving away the Paleootg™ Cookbook for free. Based on our best-selling Meal Prep Guide, we combine simple and delicious recipes into the ultimate cookbook to help you finally stick to paleo. See you inside!
Life-changing Recipes Inside

If you’ve been looking for the easiest recipes to simplify paleo you’re in the right place. For over 3 years we looked through hundreds of blogs, cookbooks, and magazines searching for one perfect list of recipes we could use to build a simple paleo diet.

We never found it and that’s why we created the Paleootg™ Cookbook. Inside you’ll find delicious low-carb snacks, mouthwatering desserts, and tons of lunch and dinner recipes. Is this the perfect combination for everyone? No.

But, if you’re looking for recipes that are simple, delicious and perfect for meal prep, this free book might just change your life.

Inside the Autopilot™ Paleo Cookbook you’ll get 40+ easy, portable recipes that you can cook today & last all week long. Combined with our incredible meal prep guide, in just 2 hours you’ll have 50+ delicious snacks, desserts, and meals ready-to-eat.

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