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How to Make Paleo Effortless
Imagine if you had a go-to list of delicious, simple & healthy recipes for free…
…Recipes that you could cook once and eat all week long for lunch and dinner.
Discover some of paleo’s easiest recipes ever in our all-new 2017 cook book.
The 1st and Only Proven System to Make Paleo Simple & Effortless.
Inside this brand new 5-day course you’ll get one of 2019’s best-rated paleo meal plans combined with hours of video lessons that teach you how to actually stick with it. Plus, utilizing our 2-hour meal prep routine you’ll only have to cook once a week!
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Meal Prep Routine
Discover how to cook food for 5-7 days in under 2 hours and finally stick to paleo.
7-Day Shopping List
Save time & money at the grocery store with our ultimate paleo shopping list.
Easiest Meal Plan
We guarantee the Paleo Nutrition System™ is the easiest meal plan you've ever tried.
5 Mindsets You Must Learn to Stick With Paleo in 2019
Our paleo course will give you the 5 mindsets you need to stick with paleo long-term, access to the Paleootg™ cookbook with portable and simple recipes, the 2-hour meal prep routine, and the portable container system to prep your meals for 7+ days.
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Why can’t I stick to a meal plan? Most traditional meal plans expect you to cook every day. With the Paleo Nutrition System you only need to cook once a week.

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Is Paleootg™ right for me? This system is built specifically for athletes looking for the easiest paleo meal plan to combine with functional training and endurance.

The ultimate 5-day paleo video course to finally stick to paleo.
Combining paleo with automation & efficiency.
You’ve tried paleo recipes and meal plans before but just can’t stick to them. Stop wasting your time & money, and discover the 1st and only proven system to automate paleo.
Not a Traditional Meal Plan

Transform your paleo lifestyle and forget cooking stress forever with a system that teaches you the fundamental principles and step-by-step actions you can take to make paleo simple in 2019.

The Paleo Nutrition System™ overcomes three roadblocks you’ve experienced when trying to stick with a meal plan.

First, our system only requires you to cook once a week. Your 2-hour meal prep routine will make meals for up to 7+ days.

Second, our system gives your portable recipes you can eat at work or at school. Using our signature portable container method eating on-the-go is easier than ever before.

Third, our system teaches you how to overcome bad eating habits with specific examples such as soda, chocolate, snacks and more.

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