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All your snacks, dinners, and lunches ready-to-eat. How much time would you save? 5, 6, 7 hours a week? Click below to get the best simple recipes & meal prep techniques that teach you how to make ready-to-eat meals for an entire week in just 2 hours.
Paleo Meal Prep Ideas
Inside you’ll learn how to prepare 50+ paleo snacks & meals in under 2 hours. Fast, simple recipes with high quality ingredients for the perfect Crossfit diet.
Meal Planning Secrets
Download free meal plans customized for weight loss or muscle building using Paleootg™ recipes, with snacks, smoothies, and desserts that eliminate cravings.
Portable Paleo Snacks & Meals
There’s two places diets go downhill: At work and at school. Learn how to cook ready-to-eat, portable meals that stay fresh all week and all day long.
Remarkably Simple to Follow
Traditional meal plans are hard – they expect you to cook every night. Our simple system will teach guide step-by-step to finally stick to paleo without cooking stress.
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Hesitated? You have most likely cheated your diet at least once in the past 48 hours. Learn how to finally stick to paleo! Cook easy paleo snacks with high-quality ingredients, eliminate temptations, enjoy tasty desserts, and best of all – forget cooking stress with our all-new paleo meal prep guides.
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The Caveman Diet & Easy Meal Prep Ideas
What’s the best paleo “crossfit diet” ?

You might hear people call paleo the "crossfit diet”. A paleo meal plan consists of foods humans would be eating millions of years ago during the paleolithic era. Natural foods such as meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits. We eliminate all processed foods and grains (foods that cavemen wouldn’t have access to on a caveman diet).

Because paleo (crossfit diet) requires you to eat natural foods, there’s usually a lot of cooking involved; being stuck in the kitchen preparing recipes everyday is tiring and unrealistic. This is where the Paleootg™ complete system fits in and makes you stick to paleo – easy paleo snacks, meals, and recipes.

What are some paleo meal prep ideas?

Get ready to learn the step-by-step meal prep routine to cook 50+ paleo snacks, desserts, smoothies and meals in under 2 hours. We’ve taken your traditional meal plan and turned it into a complete guide on how to stick to paleo.

Come inside and get your free meal prep routine and some of the best portable, simple paleo recipes. Discover paleo desserts, snacks and meals that are easy to pack for working professionals or students. Don’t let lunch on the road ruin your diet ever again. Use staple, high-nutrient foods to fuel your body with simple ingredients, making simple recipes. All of this and more inside Paleootg™ Member’s Only (our best-rated material, free).

Effortless Meal Plans
Traditional paleo plans count on too much effort; like having to cook fancy meals, buying expensive kitchen gadgets or investing hours everyday to eat healthy. Discover a new way to eat paleo by using the KISS (keep it super simple) way of thinking and finally learn how to stick to a diet.
Incredible Recipes
From paleo breakfast, snacks, smoothies, desserts and meal plan ideas Paleootg™ is your one-stop-shop. Come inside and learn how to make paleo muffins, bread, and amazing paleo crockpot recipes. Check out the #1 rated Autopilot Paleo Cookbook for simple, low-carb, portable recipes.
Made To Last
The best part about the meal plans you’ll prepare is they last all week long. Find out how to make yourself chocolate muffins, protein pudding, teryaki chicken and curry beef in just a few hours to feed you for 5-7 days at a time. And even better, you get it all free instantly – we’ll see you inside.
Meal Prep Ideas at your Fingertips.
Ever wonder if it was possible to eat healthy homemade meals without cooking every day?
Imagine if you could meal prep for an entire week, in just a day! Our all new free guide will show you how.
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